I hope to earn your trust and demonstrate that I am the right person to lead our next chapter.

I grew up in a working-class family in Federal Way, the son of a teacher and a butcher. Because of strong public schools, hard work, and my parents’ sacrifices, I graduated from Seattle Pacific University and later Yale University with an MBA.

My wife and I could have lived anywhere to start our family. But we chose Seattle, for many of the reasons that attract people both near and far – its natural beauty, arts and culture, and progressive spirit. Ours is a great city, but there is still so much to achieve together.

With the vision of making Seattle a place where everyone can live, work, and play in the same community, I am running for City Council to champion shared prosperity, improve quality of life, and restore trust in local government.

A fair chance.

Seattle’s economy has grown tremendously over the last decade, creating wealth and opportunity for the region. We should further bolster the economy by making investments in infrastructure and transportation, so growth will continue to attract new investments and create jobs.

That said, economic growth and wealth creation is hollow if it is not available to all. Every person, regardless of how they identify or where they’re born, deserves a fair chance in life.

Here, education is paramount. I will ensure that every child receives a high-quality education – from birth through college, apprenticeships or training programs – that leads to a living wage job in their chosen field. This will require tighter coordination between schools, employers, and workforce systems.

A good life.

Improving quality of life requires making housing affordable to people of all incomes and ensuring residents have access to affordable, high-quality healthcare. We need to respect the dignity of all people, including immigrants and refugees. Our town is more vibrant with diversity. Let us also secure keystone lands and heritage sites that make Seattle special, while at the same time giving all people a voice in shaping our city’s neighborhoods, culture, and public spaces. Lastly, we need to improve job quality, increase financial resiliency of households, and strengthen protections for gig workers and those who lose their jobs to technology.

A partner you can trust.

This thriving, inclusive, and vibrant Seattle we seek is only possible when communities and local government are working together. Residents must be able to participate in an open and data driven decision-making process and leaders must be held accountable to deliver basic services throughout our city. By rebuilding trust in our leaders and collaborating to solve problems, our policies can reflect the values that we hold in Seattle.

This is what I will achieve if elected to City Council. I hope to earn your support and your vote.