After going door to door and connecting with my neighbors, I am proud to have qualified for the Democracy Voucher Program. We are leading in the number of vouchers received from District 7 voters – but we aren’t done yet! 

This campaign is powered by people like you. Please send in your vouchers in support of our campaign today!

Donate Online:

To assign your vouchers to our campaign, use the online portal here.

Donate by Mail:

You should have received four, $25 vouchers in the mail. If you did not receive any or have misplaced them, request replacement vouchers here.

We are also happy to bring replacement vouchers to you! Contact the campaign at and we will be sure to get replacement voucher forms to you!

To send in your vouchers:

  1. Fill in “Jason Williams” on all four vouchers.
  2. Sign and include the date.
  3. Mail them back using the pre-paid envelope included with your vouchers.
  4. If you’ve misplaced the envelope, mail them directly to:

Democracy Voucher Program
PO Box 35196
Seattle, WA 98124