Jason Williams grew up in Federal Way. His mother, a grocery checker, spent eight years in night school to become a public-school teacher, while his father, a butcher, worked a second job delivering pizzas to help pay the bills. After graduating from Seattle Pacific University in the midst of the Great Recession, Jason was happy to find work with IKEA driving a forklift, though it still left him in a state of financial insecurity, weighed down by student loans.

Jason left IKEA for work as a management consultant. First at Accenture, and later Monitor Group. He spent nearly 5 years advising organizations such as The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, NBCUniversal, The Rockefeller Foundation, and College Board, on strategy, innovation, and impact measurement. Jason earned his MBA at Yale and currently works at Microsoft.

Jason, his wife Laura, and their young daughter rent a home in Magnolia.